10 Tips for Taking Better Photos with Your Smartphone


The world keeps on evolving. From the time when taking photos needed you to have a camera to a time you don’t need a camera. Now many do not know a smartphone can actually take high quality photos. In fact many ignore options of taking photos via smart phones. Here are some tips that will ensure you take nice photos using the smartphone.

The model of the phone

Phones have different MPs in terms of camera. If you love taking photos it is wise to get a good phone, one that has good camera specs. 13 MPs going onwards can be an ideal phone for taking better photos.

The fact that there are many brands of phone, some are known for having good camera specs, others have bad specs. It is good to research and find out which phone brand ensures good quality in images.


The lens can affect the results of the quality of the image. If it is dirty, the photos tends to be blurry and does not focus clear image. Hence before taking the photo, make sure you clean the lens and then take your photo.

Don’t use flash

Flash tends to make your photo dark and the lighting just looks fake. Even with a normal camera it is good to look for natural lighting that will enhance the image quality.

No zooming

If you really need to take a photo of the object. Get close. Zooming it as seen in many images just blurs the images. Basically what happens is, it crops the image and makes it big. Hence it affects the quality.

High resolution

Your phone has option on what resolution your images will be. Mostly the low resolution is usually the default. It is good to change this settings and make it high resolution

Take landscape photos

Landscape photos tend to have a wide range of view compared to the portrait. Unless you have a major reason to why you doing so. It is good to opt for landscape (16:9) one that many are used to.

Use back camera

ront camera tend to have low quality photos compared to the back camera. Unless you taking selfie, it would be wise to consider taking a high quality with the back camera.

Post process edit

Just like professional photographers you can also decide to edit your photo, to vintage, black and white, whatever your liking. There are many apps that are in the market that do a good job in filtering, all you got to do is find out which works well for you, then download and use it.


Using the stick (monopod)

Especially for photos where you are the cameraman as well as the model. Lately there is a phone stick to do so. Many call it a monopod. It holds the phone on position and you can take the photo from a far distance.

Phone camera setting

You will be amazed to know that your phone can take great photos. The only thing you didn’t do is check on the phone setting. I know you have heard this a lot, but never rely on the autofocus mode, it is not 100% accurate. Research on what settings you should have for great quality of images.

With this tips you are ready to go.