photographerHi, everyone! My name is Melanie. I’ve been passionate about photography my entire life, long before people took countless pictures of themselves with their smartphones and called them ‘selfies.’ Today, among other things, I know how to advise people on how to take better selfies. I’m nothing if I’m not versatile and modern.

I’ve been a professional photographer for fifteen years now. I can tell you all about how photography as a field has changed since the early 2000’s, and what it’s like nowadays in an increasingly digital age. I’ve been editing photos through several different generations of computers these days, and I know all sorts of different tricks that will make the photos look as perfect as possible. I provide photo editing services for all of my clients.

Over the past fifteen years, I’ve mainly shot weddings. Most of my experience as a photographer involves being a wedding photographer. People can check my portfolio here if they’re looking for examples of my work. You can check here for my rates. Note that I am willing to compromise an almost all of them, and I’m willing to work out all of the specific details on a case-by-case basis with clients.

I have professional equipment, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not I can handle the technical aspects of a job. Even the most talented photographers are not going to be able to shoot professional-quality pictures if they do not have professional equipment. While I am not qualified to comment on my level of talent, I can at least assure everyone that I do have professional equipment. I also follow industry news in order to make sure that I have the most modern equipment possible, which should help anyone who is trying to get the most high-quality shots possible.


I’ve shot a wide range of different weddings, and I will definitely photograph all weddings. People who want to hire my services for other events can definitely discuss them with me. I’ll usually be willing to photograph nearly anything. I’ll even take engagement and honeymoon pictures for the people who really want to be able to thoroughly document their romantic adventures! I’ve taken pictures of happy couples who were renewing their vows after thirty years. I’ve photographed big expensive second weddings for the people who found new love. I’ve commemorated the marriages of people who just wanted to have a small ceremony with nothing fancy, but who did want high-quality pictures to preserve it forever. I respect all ceremonies, and I can assure people that I can give my best effort.

When it comes to editing photos, I’m definitely willing and able to work with individual clients on the results. They can discuss certain characteristics that they might want when it comes to the finished product. We can work out the parameters of photo albums, which should allow people to end up with the perfect set of treasured memories. I want people to have pictures that they can be proud of forever.  If you don’t know what is the best valentine gift for your girlfriend, give her something meaningful. Personal photo book, filled with special moments and shared memories is the ideal solution for your girlfriend/boyfriend, wife or husband, friend or someone from your family on their birthday, anniversary or another special occasion.